Google BigTable

What is Google BigTable?
Google BigTable is a non-relational, distributed, and multidimensional data storage mechanism based on proprietary Google storage technologies for most of the company's online and back-end applications / products. It offers a scalable data architecture for very large database infrastructures.

Google BigTable is mainly used in proprietary Google products, although some access is available in the Google App Engine and third-party database applications.

Google BigTable is a persistent and sorted map. Each string in the map contains a row, columns (of various types), and a timestamp value that is used for indexing. For example, the data chain for a website is stored as follows:

- The reverse URL address is saved as a line name (
- The content column stores the content of the website.
- The anchor content stores any anchor text or content that links to the page.
- A timestamp indicates the exact time the data was saved and is used to sort multiple instances of a page.

Google BigTable basiert auf Technologien wie Google File System (GFS) und SSTable. Es wird von mehr als 60 Google-Anwendungen verwendet, darunter Google Finanzen, Google Reader, Google Maps, Google Analytics und Web-Indexierung.

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