Godwin's law

What is Godwin's Law?
Godwin's law claims that the likelihood of Hitler or Nazi references being in conversation grows with the length of a dialogue or debate. This type of social rules theory can be part of an analysis of new technology places to be discussed, such as messaging platforms, forums, and other digital spaces.

Godwin's Law is attributed to an American attorney named Mike Godwin who first promulgated the 'Law' in 1990. It originally referred to USENET newsgroup discussions, but it can now be applied to any type of chat or forum setup or any other type of collaborative conversation.It was often applied to the cable news cycle, at the top level -Problems tend to dissect for a long time to fill airtime.

Though insane in some ways, Godwin's Law can be seen as a kind of theoretical marker for phenomena that can occur in AI that mimic human thoughts and discussions.

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