Goals and tasks of human resource management

Human work is one of the three operational production factors, but it is dependent on completely different influencing factors than operating resources and materials. The procurement, support and administration of this "living" production factor therefore requires special care.
In the performance society, the goals of human resource management are mainly in the economic area, but also in the social area, depending on the company's image of people.

Goals of human resource management

As part of the economic objective, human resources management has to select and use the production factor human labor in such a way that the highest level of efficiency of human labor is achieved.

The social objective is to improve the material (e.g. wages, pension) and immaterial conditions (e.g. humane working conditions, company sports) of the employees.

Human resource management tasks

Aus den genannten Zielen lässt sich die Aufgabenstellung der Personalwirtschaft ableiten. Danach hat das betriebliche Personalwesen dem business die benötigten Mitarbeiter nach Anzahl und Qualifikation zeitgerecht zur Verfügung zu stellen.

Furthermore, it has to ensure that the employees take into account their individual professional inclinations and material
Claims are optimally integrated into the service process.
In detail, the following tasks result:

  • Personnel planning
  • Human Resources Management
  • Recruitment
  • Personnel education and training
  • Reward
  • Human resource management
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