What is geotagging?
Geotagging is the process of adding geographic information to various media in the form of metadata. The data usually consists of coordinates such as latitude and longitude, but can also include place, altitude, distance, and place names. Geotagging is most commonly used for photos and can help show certain information about where the picture was taken or the exact location of a friend who has signed up for a service.

Geotagging location services can be used to find location-specific websites, news, and other information. It is based on positions and coordinates and is often taken directly from a Global Positioning System (GPS).

Some social networking sites and services post the location of their users so that users will know exactly where their friends are when they log into that website (or check in to the service).

When tagging photos, tagging can be done by the camera after the recording is processed, or it can be applied when the photo is published online. Some high-end phones have a built-in GPS system so they can geotag any photos taken with the phone's camera.

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