What is geolocation?
Geolocation is the process of finding, determining, and providing the precise location of a computer, network device, or equipment. It enables the device location based on geographic coordinates and measurements.

Geolocation often uses Global Positioning System (GPS) and other related technologies to evaluate and specify geographic locations.

Geolocation provides the location of a device, but is typically used in a wide variety of applications to make it easier to find users. Geolocation works via a pre-built GPS in a device that transmits the longitude and latitude coordinates of the device. The coordinates are identified on a map to give a full address, which usually includes a country, city, city / colony, building name, and street address.

In addition to GPS, geolocation can also be identified by an IP (Internet Protocol) address, MAC (Media Access Control) address, radio frequency systems (RF), EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data, and other wireless positioning systems.

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