GEANT (Gigabit European Academic Network)

What is GEANT (Gigabit European Academic Network)?
GEANT, the Gigabit European Academic Network, is a Europe-wide data and communication network for the European education and research community. It is co-funded by educational networks, European national research and the European Commission and coordinated by the limited liability company DANTE. On the European continent, the GEANT network offers research data communication, infrastructure and resources for the development of telecommunication and information technology.

GEANT uses a 50,000 km network with high capacity and high bandwidth as well as an expanded range of services. The connectivity covers 38 countries in Europe with connections to other regions of the world and a data transfer speed of up to 10 GB per second. End users have both remote and secure access. With these key functions, GEANT has played an important role in maintaining Europe's leading role in research.

Unmatched geographic coverage and high bandwidth are some of the greatest advantages of the GEANT network. Global networking with massive computing capacity has helped many researchers and educational institutions. Many research and innovative scientific projects and studies have benefited greatly from GEANT's high-speed research network. With the routed and switched technology, GEANT is not only relying on the next generation, but also on high-performance and cost-effective communication networks. GEANT has helped to improve the cost efficiency of research. It has also helped transform the way data is shared and collaborated between researchers from different regions of Europe. Another advantage of GEANT is access to remote resources,

Thirty million users of educational and research institutions use GEANT. GEANT has largely helped in all areas of study such as radio astronomy observations and medical research.

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