Gamification / Gamification

What is gamification / gamification?
Gamification refers to the use of game design principles to improve customer loyalty in non-game companies. The methods used range from creating award plans to creating performance levels through status and badges. Companies use game principles to increase interest in a product or service, or simply to deepen their customers' relationship with the brand.

Gamification has been around for a long time in marketing. Many successful advertising campaigns use treasure hunts (find the golden item) or collect games (get all pieces) to increase customer interest. In online companies, however, gamification has been extended to a higher level of game design.

Message boards and social media users were assigned a 'Trusted Source' or 'Top Contributor' badge with points for activities, performance-based discounts, etc. These tactics allow a company to add another level of incentive to its customers' engagement, rather than just delivering a product they want to buy.

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