Fundraising - soliciting money and / or donations in kind for charitable (non-profit) organizations such as B. German Cancer Aid, German Red Cross or Greenpeace. The fundraising refers to an ideal market. Ideas are sold to current and potential customers who do not receive any real value for their donation.

Donors must therefore be given the feeling that they are doing something good, e.g. B. for children, the sick, etc. In addition, it is a matter of building and maintaining a long-term relationship between the non-profit organization (NPO) and the donors. This is what sponsorships and sustaining memberships are aimed at.

Fundraising erfolgt oft bei Benefizveranstaltungen und mittels Direct marketing. Beim Direktmarketing werden Werbebriefe mit anhängendem Überweisungsformular eingesetzt. Dadurch ist es möglich, die einzelnen Geldspenden den im Computer gespeicherten Adressen zuzuordnen und so den Erfolg der Werbung zu messen.

The following points are generally important for the success of fundraising campaigns:

The charitable organization should have a good reputation or a donation seal.

The planning, implementation and control of the fundraising should be done by marketing specialists (so-called fundraisers).

The advertising message should be emotional and yet absolutely credible.

The donors should receive a letter of thanks, proof of use and, if desired, a donation receipt for submission to the tax office.

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