Forms of the sales contract

The forms of the purchase contract can be differentiated according to their respective type:

Also buy a sample

A sales contract that is concluded under the condition precedent that the customer likes the delivered goods. If the customer does not like the thing, he can return it.

Purchase on trial

A sales contract with no right of return. The buyer first purchases a small amount to try out the goods.

Purchase after sample

A purchase based on a sample. The seller undertakes to deliver the goods according to the sent sample.

Purchase on demand

A sales contract that includes the customer's right to have the purchased goods delivered if necessary. He thereby determines the delivery date and the respective delivery quantity.

Specification purchase

A sales contract in which the buyer reserves the right to determine the type and quantity of goods that have already been purchased within a certain period in terms of shape, color, thickness, etc.

Installment transaction

A sales contract that gives the buyer the right. to pay the purchase price in installments. If the purchase is not a commercial transaction for the buyer, the Consumer Credit Act (VerbrKrG) must be observed. It provides for the written form. The contract must contain the cash price, the installment price, the installment plan and the effective annual interest rate. In addition, the buyer has a one-week right of withdrawal (also applies to sales at the front door)

Generic purchase

A sales contract in which the object of purchase is only determined by type. It is available as often as you like. The thing owed is only determined by general characteristics (example: purchase of a new car - type, engine power, color).

Piece purchase

A sales contract in which the object of purchase is determined by special features. It is unique (example: purchase of a specific used car - type, description of its condition, mileage).

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