Forms of foreign trade

The forms of foreign trade are basically:

  • Import with cross-border procurement of economic services from abroad
  • Export with cross-border provision of economic services abroad

Special forms of foreign trade

The following are considered special forms of foreign trade:

Processing traffic als Verkehr im Rahmen der Bearbeitung, Verarbeitung oder Ausbesserung von Waren. Er kann für ein deutsches Unternehmen bei geplanter Division of labor zwischen verbundenen Unternehmen vorteilhaft sein.

License agreementswhich regulate the transfer and commercial use of trademarks, company names, patents, etc. A license production becomes interesting for a German exporter with growing wage differentials and risky capital investment.

Foreign direct investmentwhich in many cases represent a good starting point for a successful market position. You are pursuing the goal of establishing permanent business relationships with a foreign company.

International cooperation as an association of economically and legally independent companies for the joint implementation of z. B. of large orders.

Compensation transactions as reciprocal transactions in which the importer also delivers goods or services in different variations instead of paying in money.

Project companies abroad as economically and legally independent units abroad that are planned, built and financed by an operator consortium.

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