Foreign trade credit

Der Außenhandelskredit dient der financing des Außenwirtschaftsverkehrs. Er wird Importeuren und Exporteuren im Rahmen der kurz- bis langfristigen Fremdfinanzierung gewährt. Kreditgeber sind die Kreditinstitute sowie insbesondere die Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) und die Ausfuhrkredit-Gesellschaft (AKA), weshalb unterschieden werden können:

AKA loans

AKA-Kredite is provided by the Export Credit-Gesellschaft mbH as an association of over 50 banks interested in exports under the leadership of Deutsche Bank AG. AKA offers three lines of credit for financing export transactions. The ceilings A and B serve the exporter and thus the manufacturer financing. The ceiling C is granted to the importer and is a buyer financing.

KfW loans

KfW loans are granted by the Reconstruction Loan Corporation, which is funded by the federal and state governments. From 1948 she had tasks as:

- The promotion of the reconstruction of the German economy as part of the Marshall Plan Aid
- The granting of investment loans as a long-term financing option for the German export industry.

Both institutes differentiate between export transactions as loans:

Buyer credit

It is a loan granted to the foreign importer that is tied to the deliveries and services of a German exporter. The importer can thus pay on the payment date, at the same time the exporter is relieved of long-term export claims. Payment can only be made directly to the German exporter.

Exporter credit

It is a loan to the German exporter. Since expenses (for a specific export transaction) have already arisen before the payment is received, the exporter can refinance himself during production and delivery time as well as the credit period (target granted to the importer).

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