Financial planning

Financial planning includes planning the company's cash flows for a specific period of time.
Short term financial plans are created to ensure the company's liquidity. This planning is carried out by comparing the inflows of funds (incoming payments) and outflows of funds (expenses). The result is short-term funding needs.

Medium or long term financial plans represent framework plans that are intended to secure long-term capital resources.
Grundlage der Finanzplanung sind die Informationen aus den anderen Teilplänen des Unternehmens. So liefert der Sales plan Zahlen über die voraussichtlichen Mittelzuflüsse, der Beschaffungs-, Personal- und Investitionsplan Zahlen über die voraussichtlichen Mittelabflüsse. Entweder stimmen die geplanten Mittelzuflüsse und Mittelabflüsse überein, was relativ selten vorkommt, oder es ergibt sich ein Saldo.

If this balance is positive (income surplus), a decision must be made about the use of this planned liquidity reserve (e.g. as a short-term capital investment). If the balance is negative (capital requirement), decisions must be made about the sources of finance.

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