Field service leasing

Field service leasing means that acquisition agents are hired for a certain period of time. The so-called rental travelers are z. B. used for the following tasks:

  • Representation of vacancies in the event of illness and vacation
  • Support of the own sales force in the implementation of promotional campaigns and in the introduction of new products
  • Betreuung von weniger bedeutenden Händlern, die der eigene Außendienst aus Zeit-und/oder Kostengründen nicht (mehr) besucht, deren Bearbeitung jedoch zur Erhaltung der numerischen distribution erforderlich ist
  • Development of new sales channels and / or new customer groups
  • Development of new sales areas at home and abroad without having to build up an infrastructure with high fixed costs

Advantages of the leasing sales force

  • Rental travelers are cheaper than employed travelers
  • The costs of the leasing staff are variable in contrast to the fixed costs of the own staff
  • Leasing sellers can be used flexibly
  • The separation of rental travelers is easier, faster and more cost-effective compared to employed travelers and can be done without the participation of the works council

Disadvantages of the leasing sales force

  • Compared to sales representatives, the costs are higher
  • Loss of power of the sales manager if his own sales team is reduced at the same time
  • Negative reactions from customers because field service leasing is sometimes tainted with a reputation for lack of seriousness. Since leasing travelers appear under the name of the tenant, the bad image would be transferred to them
  • When selecting leasing sellers, it is essential to check whether their qualifications and motivation meet the requirements; any deficits must be eliminated through training. If these requirements are met, a company can increase sales efficiency through field service leasing
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