Reputation exploitation

Reputation exploitation occurs when a competitor tries to associate his company or his products with another respected company or its particularly valued products in order to exploit their good reputation for their own company or their own products.

Die wichtigsten Tatbestände der Rufausbeutung in Bezug auf Produkte sind nach den Gesetzen des Gewerblichen Rechtsschutzes unzulässig: So die Übernahme fremder Erfindungen durch das Patent- und das Gebrauchsmustergesetz, die Übernahme der besonderen Form eines Produkts durch das Geschmacksmustergesetz, die unbefugte Verwendung einer fremden Marke oder einer geografischen Herkunftsangabe durch das Trademark Law.

The infringement of these protective rights in the international area through product piracy has become of particular importance. If the prerequisites for obtaining protection according to the patent, utility model, registered design or trademark law are not met, the unauthorized assumption of third-party services as imitation may be inadmissible. The use of a foreign company name (company, other name, company symbols) is also prohibited according to the trademark law; In addition, there are further protective provisions in the Commercial Code (Sections 30, 37) and in the Civil Code.

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