Nature and areas of responsibility of marketing control

Marketing control is the final phase of the marketing management process Objective - Planning - Realization - Control. Control can be understood here as the ongoing, systematically carried out review and assessment of all market-related processes. The control records the actual processes and conditions in a service company and compares them with the defined goals and established standards.
The control is therefore a target / actual comparison, which, however, does not only take place after the implementation, but can also superimpose the entire marketing management process as a permanent control. The control thus offers the possibility of early detection of deviations from the plan and the initiation of appropriate corrective measures.

Die Marketingkontrolle wird üblicherweise in eine ergebnisorientierte Marketingkontrolle und in ein Marketing audit (oder auch Marketing-Revision) unterteilt. Aufgabe der ergebnisorientierten Marketingkontrolle ist es aufzuzeigen, inwieweit die Marketing goals erreicht wurden. Es sind die Handlungserfolge festzustellen, d.h. man überprüft und beurteilt die Resultate marketingpolitischer Aktivitäten (z.B. Umsatz, Marktanteil, Deckungsbeitrag, Image etc.). Die ergebnisorientierte Kontrolle stellt eine Ex-post Kontrolle dar.

The marketing audit is used to adapt the market-related goals, strategies and measures to market changes in a timely and comprehensive manner. Nieschlag et al. (1997) see the marketing audit as an opportunity to identify planning and system-related risks and undesirable developments at an early stage.

From the numerous starting points for controls, some aspects relating to the important area of monitoring service offers, in particular the monitoring of contact personnel, are discussed below as examples.

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