Environmental analysis

Der Prozess der strategi­schen Planung gliedert sich in fünf Hauptelemen­te Umweltanalyse, – Business analysis, strategische Optionen, – strategische Wahl und strategische Programme.

The environmental analysis is at the heart of every strategic planning process because it creates the informational prerequisites for a successful strategy formulation. It consists of two equally important parts, the environmental analysis and the company analysis. The task of the environmental analysis is to explore the company's external environment to determine whether there are any signs of a threat to current business and / or of new opportunities and possibilities.

The environmental analysis can not only be limited to the closer business environment of the respective company, but also has to take into account more global developments and trends, which may cause discontinuities and surprises in the closer business environment.

The global environment includes general technological developments, social currents and changes such as changing values, political structures and similar factors, while the respective competitive forces are decisive for the closer business environment.

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