Employee Suggestions

Also known as: Improvement proposal system, VV essence

The company suggestion scheme (BVW), also known as the improvement proposal scheme, is an operational optimization tool in which suggestions from all employees in an organization for corporate development are taken into account and, if necessary, rewarded. It's part of idea management.

Objectives of the company suggestion scheme

The idea of the BVW was implemented by Alfred Krupp as early as 1872. The goals of this management tool are to optimize products and processes.

However, suggestions also help to improve safety and environmental protection in the company or to make administrative work more rational. They are also intended to increase employees' identification with the company and promote their work motivation and social skills.

Implementation in the company

The workforce of a company or other organization is encouraged by the company suggestion scheme to make suggestions for innovations. In contrast to the Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) moderated by team leaders, BVW relies on spontaneous ideas from all employees in all areas of the company.

Methods of the company suggestion system:

  • Ideas mailbox
  • Ideas competitions
  • virtual platforms
  • Idea workshops in the team

Wird ein Vorschlag im business umgesetzt, so erhält der Vorschlagende üblicherweise dafür eine Prämie. Dabei kommt es nicht darauf an, dass ein Vorschlag zu direkten Kosteneinsparungen führt.

If the work that the employee has performed through his implemented improvement suggestion goes beyond the extent agreed in the employment contract, then it is a special performance that includes a legal entitlement to remuneration. The company agreement determines the amount of the bonus.

Betriebliches Vorschlagswesen setzt eine Corporate culture voraus, in der Verbesserungen gefordert und auch zugelassen werden. Geeignete Vorschläge müssen schnell und unbürokratisch umgesetzt werden, außerdem sollen die Prämien als fair empfunden werden.

These can be monetary or non-cash rewards (incentives). The concept only works if there is cooperation, employees are not put under pressure and unsuitable suggestions are not criticized.

In addition to monetary remuneration, recognition and appreciation of the work performed are important.

advantages and disadvantages


  • Motivation of employees through active participation and assumption of personal responsibility
  • Increase in employee loyalty to the company
  • The company suggestion scheme is easy and quick to make known and can be organized without great effort
  • Promote group cohesion, collaboration and communication


The company suggestion system has fewer disadvantages than shortcomings: external perspectives, for example from customers or other stakeholders, are not taken into account in the company suggestion system.

Employees can be trapped in familiar processes and ideas, which hinders innovation.


  • Company suggestion scheme is part of company idea management
  • all employees can participate at any time
  • The goals are to increase productivity, product improvement, employee motivation and company loyalty
  • Employees receive a bonus for implemented suggestions
  • A company suggestion scheme is only successful in a space that is characterized by togetherness, appreciation and recognition
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