Division of labor

The term division of labor describes the process of dividing work among people and how they work together. In general, this term is also applied to activities or actions.

Definition / explanation

From an economic point of view, the division of labor refers to a specific process that takes place within the framework of human work performance. Due to the division of labor, an increase in efficiency in the provision of services is possible, whereby output and productivity can be increased. The individual actors each produce the good for which a comparative cost advantage can be achieved.

For an efficient way of working, the tasks involved are divided up according to the skills and strengths of the workforce.

Types of division of labor


  • Division of labor usually refers to a process in people's work
  • Division of labor can also be observed in areas of biology, science and technology
  • Division of labor can lead to an efficient way of working / increasing efficiency
  • the individual actors each produce the good for which they one comparative cost advantage reachable
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