Discount types


Er bewirkt bei den Abnehmern sofortige (Barzahlung, somit auch Barrabatt) oder schnellere Zahlung, schränkt die Risiken der Kreditgewährung an Abnehmer ein und vermindert den Zinsaufwand für die financing der Forderungen. Durch raschere Umsatzerlöse kann das Unternehmen seinerseits prompter und mit Skonto zahlen (Supplier credit).

It must be checked continuously which customers do not take advantage of the discount and for what reasons this is done. There is a suspicion that the liquidity of these customers is apparently so tight that they cannot realize the interest savings associated with discount payments. However, many customers do not pay with a discount, the reason for this may be that the discount rate is no longer up to date.

Introduction discount

This is granted to retailers when new products are introduced. The trade has to fulfill special tasks; this includes, for example, training the sales staff, the provision of storage and shop space or shelf space as well as introductory measures.

Listing discount

This type of discount is granted for newly launched products, but also for current products for inclusion in the retail range. Listing (listing discussion) is the inclusion in the trading company's order record. The listing discount is a compensation for the effort of the trading company to include the newly listed product in the EDP and in the order record. The inexhaustible imagination of the trade headquarters when it comes to estates has meanwhile also led to "non-delisting discounts".

Promotion discount

This is a time-limited discount for short periods (tours). The aim of promotional discounts is the sale of significantly larger than usual quantities, the degression of unit costs, the clearing of warehouses, etc. The promotional discount is often granted in connection with a sales promotion (competition, raffle, etc .; sales promotion).

The manufacturer wants to achieve special prices, newspaper advertisements (with an advertising subsidy) and special placements in the trade. The promotional discount is granted so that the trade can also carry out price (and other) promotions.

Wagon discount

The wagon discount is a discount for the purchase of larger quantities. These quantities are significantly TG above those of the volume discount. Otherwise, the function of the wagon discount is similar to that of the volume discount.

Free goods

This is a discount in goods. It is supposed to promote the sale from the warehouses of the industrial and commercial enterprise.

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