DIBABA formula

DIBABA formula - This sales formula developed by Heinz Goldmann is a guide for sales talks. After that, sellers should proceed in six stages in order to reach the conclusion:

D. = Definition

I. = Identification

B. = Proof

A. = Assumption

B. = Desire

A. = Graduation

In the definition level, the customer's needs are determined. In the identification stage, the seller should offer needs-based products and cause the interlocutor to identify with them. In the evidence level, the interested party must be convinced that the offer will solve their problem or meet their needs. If the potential buyer agrees with the seller's evidence, the acceptance stage has been reached. In the subsequent desire level, the interested party should be motivated to buy the coveted product. In the last stage of the sales talk, the conditions are clarified and the deal is brought about.

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