What is cyberpunk?
Cyberpunk is a science fiction genre that portrays the future world as one in which society is largely controlled by computers, at the expense of daily life and social order. Literature, films, and video games of this genre all hint at fears that the world may become computer-driven, including unusual scenarios in which non-living forms take on lifelike actions and abilities. Rebellion against large corporations and established organizations is a central aspect of cyberpunk. Hence, main characters are often portrayed as alienated and marginalized from society.

Cyberpunk portrays a rapid deterioration in social norms due to an inevitable shift towards the use of computers, so that the boundaries between humans and computers are blurring. Large corporations are often thrown into the mix as perpetrators and hosts of the cyberpunk dystopia.

The term cyberpunk was coined in 1983 by Bruce Bethke through the title of his story 'Cyberpunk'. The term combines 'cybernetics' and 'punk'.

Cyberpunk attitudes tend to be centered in the not too distant future in a situation of social collapse where computers can control everything. This is essentially a technology-gone-wild scenario. Over time, cyberpunk has attracted an iconic fan base around the world. Certain types of clothing have even emerged to reflect the cyberpunk genre in the 80s, many had their glory days, many believe cyberpunk is here to stay and the cyberpunk movement contains not only a lot of the imagination but also a healthy dose of pessimism and fear of the effects of computer technology.

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