What is Cybercide?
Cybercide is a slang term for the deletion of a person's entire online presence. Cybercide involves removing all social media profiles, shared photos, blog posts, directory entries and so on. Generally, a person commits cybercrime out of a desire to be less connected and dependent on the internet.

There is no standard way to cybercide. In fact, it may not be entirely possible or practical. While one is constantly participating in social media, chat groups, sharing sites and blogs can easily be taken to an extreme, the reverse scenario where a person has no email, no profiles and so on is just as extreme. From job hunting to local news, having an online presence can be very helpful. Most people are able to manage their online presence in a sustainable manner, but few can be at the mercy of internet addiction or addiction. So when a person has an unhealthy addiction of being constantly connected, Cybercide is an effective way to go cold turkey.

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