Cyber balkanization

What is Cyber Balkanization?
Cyberbalkanization is the separation of the internet into smaller groups with similar interests to the extent that they show narrow-minded access to outsiders or to conflicting views. While the Internet has largely been attributed to broadening the discussion, it can also serve to bring together marginalized groups with intolerant viewpoints. Although the internet is used to globalization and has contributed to the exchange of information, it can also be used to promote discrimination.

The term cyber-Balkanization connects the term 'cyber' with the Balkans, a political region in south-eastern Europe with a history of separate cultures, languages and religions.

One of the main advantages of the internet is that it has enabled all sorts of people to post their views and reach out to others with similar interests. However, it also has the same power to bring together those with inferior - and often discriminatory - positions. The ability to communicate enables such communities to thrive more than if these people were unable to communicate due to geographical separation. As a result, the Internet has also served to promote and incite hatred against minorities, as well as to promote political or social agendas that are not very common in popular media.

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