Cyber warrior

What is Cyber Warrior?
A cyber warrior is a person engaged in cyber warfare, be it for personal reasons or for patriotic or religious beliefs. Cyberwarfare can be tracked to defend or attack computer and information systems. Cyber warriors come in a variety of forms depending on their roles, but all deal with information security in one form or another.

Cyber warriors wage war using information technology. They can attack computers or information systems through hacking or other related strategies, or protect them from their counterparts. Cyber warriors may also find better ways to secure a system by finding vulnerabilities through hacking and other means and fixing those vulnerabilities before other hackers find and exploit them.

Countries that cannot compete with the US on military technology have resorted to cyber warfare, a method that can still wreak a lot of damage in terms of economic costs. Various agencies in the US are under constant attack from numerous countries. In response, the US military is training war veterans and wounded soldiers who can no longer fight on the battlefield in the art of cyber warfare to become cyber warriors and to continue to defend their country in this new form of combat. In light of this, the term cyber warrior has different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The term can refer to someone with malicious intent (the attacker) or a professional who works against such attackers. The latter context is an emerging professional field, similar to ethical hacking.

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