Cyber library

What is Cyber Library?
The most basic definition of a cyber library is a digital resource that replaces a traditional hard copy library. Cyber libraries are becoming more and more common methods of making library resources digital and providing versatile access.

The idea of creating a cyber library is to take a close look at the role of the library and how it is used by the target audiences. Gartner defines a cyber library as something created for workers to help them access specific informational resources. A source from the National Coalition Against Censorship examines the role of the traditional library and how cyber-libraries extend their services. For example, many public libraries today have online platforms that provide various types of library resources, including actual digitized versions of print media, but also things like account management, library management information, and other types of community resources. Sophisticated research databases like Lexus / Nexus could also be referred to as cyber libraries.

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