Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor

What is Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor?
Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor refers to a potential cyber attack that some people believe may threaten US-based IT infrastructure and related services. Coined by Secretary of Defense Leon E. Panetta in 2012, the term aims to link the intensity and potential destruction of a major cyber attack to the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor, a surprise military attack against the Japanese Navy US

Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor is a term that implies that the US is facing an attack and possibly a cyber war with an aggressive nation or terrorist organization.

According to Cyberspace, Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor is a cyberspace attack that could disable a significant portion of IT services in the US and / or its allied countries. The main target of such an attack would be to take control of the large IT infrastructure, spread a digital virus, delete or steal highly confidential data, illegally transfer funds, and / or virtually any act with significant damage to IT resources perform. If Cyber ​​Pearl Harbor were to occur, it could result in a serious loss of IT services, affecting many government, business, and other key infrastructures that rely on IT.

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