Customer team

Customer team - The back office organization of a sales area is nowadays often divided into customer teams. A customer team is responsible for a regionally or objectively delimited customer group for all questions related to the customer. The responsibility of the customer team with regard to customer processing can extend to the following tasks: preparation of offers and pricing, order processing, processing of open items and dunning, contract processing, legal affairs, support for Bund C customers who are not constantly visited by the sales force.

The customer has one person or a small team as a contact person for all matters. This means that he does not have to go to different departments in the company to clarify his questions exhaustively.

In order to be able to carry out these extensive tasks, a high level of qualification and motivation of the employees in the customer team is required. Because the sales force and customer team work together on customer care. it makes sense to involve the employees of the customer team in this remuneration system if the sales force is paid based on success.

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