Customer-oriented pricing policy

Die Kundenorientierte Pricing policy ist das Ausbalancieren des richtigen Preises, den der Kunde zu zahlen bereit ist, unter Berücksichtigung des Preises den das Unternehmen für die Ware erzielen möchte. Das Hauptaugenmerk bei der Entwicklung des Preises liegt dabei auf dem Kunden.
In this context, the following questions are considered:

  • is the customer ready to pay this price for the product?
  • up to what price is the customer willing to buy the product?
  • what price would the customer want to pay for the product on their own initiative?

This information is obtained through customer surveys or surveys. There are different times for this.

The future customer can be interviewed before the product is introduced. This is possible via internet portals, for example, depending on where the target group is located.

Another possibility is the questioning after the customer has tried the product. The more precisely the customer provides information about the product, the easier it is to find added value. With this added value, the benefits of the product can be emphasized even more and at the same time stand out from the competition.

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