What is crowdsourcing?
Crowdsourcing is a process in which a task, problem or project is solved and completed by a group of unofficial and geographically dispersed participants.

Crowdsourcing is a common process development or problem solving technique that needs help from a network of people or crowd. This network is usually connected through the Internet or a specific website.

Crowdsourcing is usually one Outsourcing-Method that uses freelance, volunteer, and paid human resources to accomplish a specific task. Crowdsourced work often works remotely.

Crowdsourcing works when a company or person, also known as crowdsourcing, announces a problem or project on a related website and invites experts and the general public, called the crowd, to propose a solution or get involved in completing the task . The participating members receive remuneration or are supplemented with recognition as soon as the problem is solved or the task is completed.

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