What is crowdcasting?
Crowdcasting is the process of sending a message to specific groups of people for information about process building methods. A crowdcasting solution enables companies to remove direct input from their target audience.

In many industries, crowdcasting is often used as a new way to get a better Customer relationship management (CRM).

The first general principle of crowdcasting is to generate project interest and then communicate with a target audience to gain insights for building or changing results. An organization identifies a consumer group that is interested in its products and services and can provide new ideas or feedback. The organization then crowcasts that group of people with the aim of getting a response.

Elements of crowdcasting include competitions to encourage participation, surveys, or other interactive tools that allow consumers to control their experience. One example is the Listener Driven Radio phenomenon, where communications companies can get listener tips and suggestions on how to improve broadcasting practices.
Recent business reports show that many blue-chip companies have started using crowd-casting instead of paying high-performing marketing teams to develop new business strategies.

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