Cross-platform mobile development

What is cross-platform mobile development?
The cross-platform development of mobile devices creates a code base for products that are to be supported on multiple mobile operating systems. This usually affects iOS and Android devices, but it can also include other operating systems.

The trend of cross-platform mobile development has evolved from the realities of the market for mobile applications. For example, different smartphone manufacturers use different operating systems such as Android from Google, Windows Mobile from Microsoft, etc. Some use a proprietary operating system, for example iOS for Apple products.

To attempt to serve all of these markets, companies must decide how to either create a code base that can be optimized for multiple operating systems, or two or more separate projects, each of which aims to develop one side of the cross-platform equation.

Programmers can use a variety of tools and resources to conduct cross-platform mobile development. Some of them provide libraries that make it possible to develop functions for a specific operating system. In general, these technologies use programming languages like Python, Ruby on Rails, etc.

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