What is crippleware?
Crippleware is a software program or hardware device with limited functions and services that is published by its developer or provider. Crippleware is a technique used by software and hardware vendors to allow potential buyers / users to preview or test new software or hardware without deploying the full version. In the case of software, crippleware is generally provided free of charge; Users then need to purchase the full software package to take advantage of all of the features available.

In hardware, crippleware often refers to hardware that is designed to underperform in order to inspire consumers to buy an upgrade to make it work better. Crippleware can also be referred to as the crippled version of the full software package or hardware device.

Crippleware is primarily a limited version of any software or hardware product. For software products, crippleware offers end users a version of the software that has the same appearance and behavior as the full version, but excludes many functions and functions. The features that are disabled vary in each crippleware program, but can also include the inability to save a file, import data, and other advanced features.

In hardware, crippleware refers to devices with intentionally limited functionality. For example, a computer could be sold without an external storage device and interfaces such as CD-ROM or USB ports.

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