Credential stuffing

What is credential stuffing?
'Credential Stuffing' is a term that refers to a specific type of hacking that involves securing user credentials by breaching one system and then attempting to use those credentials with other systems. As with other types of hacking, credential stuffing attacks rely on hackers to break into a network and remove sensitive user information such as passwords and usernames.

What happens to credential filling is that hackers use that stolen information about a site or system and use it in a brute force hacking attempt to break into various other systems. Sometimes hackers check to see if a password or username can be used on another website, regardless of whether it is the original website or not.

For example, hackers can gain access to sets of usernames and passwords for a particular retailer and try to apply those same usernames and passwords to a financial website. The idea is that by trying a large number of these attacks, hackers could find out whether users were reusing the same passwords and user permissions, and that way hackers could use stolen login credentials to access multiple systems. Some types of credentials can also lead to identity theft.

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