What is crapware?
Crapware refers to any program that is included in a PC's original software package, although it does not benefit the end user. The definition of crapware can change from one user to another because while some may need a specific program, such as an antivirus, defragmenter, or game or other app, for someone else, those programs have no point or purpose make the computer run slower.

Some of the discussions about crapware revolve around large antivirus or security programs added by default by original equipment manufacturers. Other types of crapware include games and promotional apps, as well as other types of programs that have very limited uses. Some of these programs are set to run at startup and throw pop-ups on the screen.

Cleaning up crapware involves uninstalling programs and removing 'junk' from the computer drive. Programs like CCleaner and PC Decrapifier can help. Challenges in deleting crapware include potential registry problems and completely untangling elements of these useless software programs from anything else on a PC drive. Some tech companies have tried offering crapware removal services for a fee, but these have been generally unpopular.

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