Cost controlling for own work in industrial plant construction

Kostencontrolling für Eigenleistungen im Industrial plant construction ist Teilbereich des Projekt-Controlling im Industrieanlagenbau und Ergänzung des Kostencontrolling für Fremdleistungen im Industrieanlagenbau, das der Überwachung des vom Ingenieurunternehmen erbrachten Stundenaufwands für ein Projekt dient. Gegenstand sind nicht nur die Ingenieur-Stunden, sondern ist auch der Stundenaufwand aller unmittelbar für das Projekt tätigen Mitarbeiter. Dagegen wird der Stundenaufwand z.B. der allgemeinen Verwaltung einschließlich des Rechnungswesens und der Human resource management über Kostenstellen abgerechnet und im Stundensatz für projektbezogenen Stundenaufwand berücksichtigt.
The cost controlling for in-house work basically has the same structure as the cost controlling for external work, whereby the starting point is the offer calculation in the updated form of the original preliminary calculation, which is replaced by the valid preliminary calculation as soon as agreements are made with the customer about a change in the volume of in-house work (e.g. for additional services requested by the customer).

The valid preliminary costing is compared with the updated expected work volume in order to calculate the expected hours over and under. The expected work volume is updated by transferring data from the deadline and capacity controlling in industrial plant construction, in particular by taking into account the work progress achieved.

The actual consumption of hours is assessed from the program with the effective personnel costs including surcharges for the employee concerned, but is not printed out for reasons of confidentiality. All other hour categories described above (quotation calculation, valid preliminary calculation, expected work volume as well as excess and undershooting) are also shown unevaluated, although the € amounts are saved. Thus, cost controlling for in-house work is exclusively a quantity evaluation.

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