Corporate advertising

Offer advertising is to be understood as advertising for a single service offer (e.g. daily Lufthansa flight connection from Frankfurt to New York). Corporate advertising, on the other hand, is advertising for the entire service provider (e.g. Lufthansa).
The close connection between advertising and corporate advertising in the service sector is due to the fact that the range of services is largely shaped by the performance potential of the service provider and can therefore hardly be separated from the service provider. The frequent use of the service company as an advertising object can also be explained by the fact that there is usually direct contact between the customer and the service company, which in industry can only be reached indirectly via the advertised products.

Furthermore, the immateriality of the service must be taken into account. Since the customers cannot see the service themselves, but can see the various material aspects associated with it, the service company must advertise with its company name, with which the customer associates a certain idea (e.g. advertising for a weekend in the Steigenberger Hotel).

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