Core network

What is core network?
A core network is the core of a telecommunications network that offers numerous services to the customers connected by the access network. Its main function is to make phone calls over the public switched telephone network.

In general, this term refers to the high-performance communications devices that connect primary nodes. The core network provides routes for the exchange of information between different subnetworks. When it comes to corporate networks serving a single organization, the term backbone is often used instead of core network, while when used with service providers, the term core network is in the foreground.

This term is also known as the network core or backbone network.

The facilities and devices used for the core or backbone networks are typically routers and switches, with switches being more commonly used. The technologies used for the core facilities are primarily network and data link layer technologies, including Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), IP, Synchronous Optical Networking (SONET) and Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM). Backbone networks used for businesses also use 10 Gb Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet technology in many cases.

Core networks typically provide the following features:

Aggregation: The highest degree of aggregation can be seen in a service provider network. Next in the hierarchy within the core nodes are the

Distribution networks followed by the edge networks.

Authentication: Specifies whether the user who requests a service from a telecommunications network is allowed to perform the task on the network.

Call control or switching: Determines the future range of a call depending on the processing of the call signaling.

Charging: Handles the processing and sorting of data created by multiple network nodes.

Service call: A core network makes the service call for its customers. The service call can be made in accordance with certain precise activities (e.g. call forwarding) by the users or unconditionally (e.g. for call waiting).

Gateways: Should be used in the core network to access other networks. The functionality of gateways depends on the type of network to which it is connected.

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