Copyright warning system

What is Copyright Alert System?
The Copyright Alert System (CAS) is a US anti-piracy strategy that was developed and implemented in 2011 by the Center for Copy Information (CCI). As part of this system, content owners share with the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), who act as representatives, details, preferably IP addresses, of subscribers who are illegally sharing files with Internet service Providers (ISP)). The ISPs then investigate and possibly take action against abusive subscribers.

If a suspected copyright infringement is found, the IP address associated with the suspicious activity is forwarded to the associated ISP. The ISP then notifies the subscriber of the alleged infringement of the IP address that is suspected of copyright infringement. The ISP also warns the subscriber of possible breaches of contract. Users who continue to breach copyright even after being alerted can receive a maximum of six alerts as email or pop-up messages from their ISP before they are subject to more severe sanctions.

The CAS suggests providing a standard best practice framework that enables ISPs to efficiently inform individual subscribers of online infringement claims. Reports claim that subscribers who are good about copyright infringement as well as their possible consequences are informed, take appropriate measures to ensure that their connections are not misused for further violations.

CCI believes the CAS framework will help reduce unintentional and willful copyright infringement. The CCI also alerts parents of their children's copyright infringement. In doing so, they hope to maximize parental involvement in monitoring their children's online activities.

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