Cooling capacity factor

What is cooling capacity factor?
The Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) is an environmental control metric created by a company called Upsite. The CCF measures how efficiently cooling resources are used in a data center or similar environment.

The calculation of the CCF includes the specification of the space requirement and the power loss. The CCF then uses the capacity and number of cooling units to make a comprehensive measurement.

The CCF can be useful in a company's efforts to maximize the potential of its building systems to house technology assets. When resource utilization is low, much of the cold air that is supplied to the room cannot get into the critical systems that are to be protected. Unbalanced cooling can lead to excessively hot hardware, even though there are appropriately sized cooling units in the room.

In a sense, using the CFF and other methods to control the cooling of the data center is akin to performing a heating and cooling assessment of a home, as it ensures that resources are being used properly.

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