Conversion balance

What is a transformation balance sheet?

The transformation balance sheet is a special balance sheet that is created by a company due to a change in its legal form. It is not subject to the regulations applicable to the annual balance sheet and shows the assets, equity and debts of the acquiring company. When converting a partnership into a corporation, the hidden reserves play a special role.

Example: An OHG is to be converted into a GmbH with a subscribed capital of € 150,000 (= share capital) on 01.01.2001.

The following balances must be drawn up:

the Closing balance, for which the assets and debts are to be valued according to the accounting principles. Hidden reserves are not revealed here.

Takeover balance vs. Conversion balance

The conversion balance, at the z. B. the hidden reserves in fixed assets with 50,000 € are disclosed. The two shareholders will each receive € 25,000 on their capital account.

The takeover recordwhich is set up by the acquiring company. It is to be derived from the conversion balance sheet as the opening balance sheet. The shareholders each reduce their capital by € 10,000.

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