Converged storage

What is converged storage?
Convergent storage is a storage structure that mixes storage and computation into a single entity. The strategy used in converged memory differs from traditional memory models in which storage and computation take place in different hardware units.

Converged storage assists users in creating a storage pool based on modular building blocks. This can then be immediately reconfigured or postponed to support different needs. It is an innovative approach that minimizes complexity and thus enables information technology (IT) to expand storage on the basis of a 'pay-as-you-grow' structure.

In IT, storage requirements are constantly evolving. As a result, organizations should adopt a strategy of restructuring storage to enable IT services to be delivered, rather than restrictive. Converged storage is one answer to such needs.

Converged Storage offers the following features:

- Secure hosting of various applications in a single storage pool - It ensures that the ideal performance and resources are provided for all applications.

- Provide storage resources geographically - Then the data is moved between these resources without affecting user access to this data.

- Use thin provisioning and other strategies to allocate resources in the most economical way.

- Reconfigure yourself - This helps to balance workloads and confirm the ideal data tiering without manual intervention.

In convergent storage systems, standard platforms use widely accessible x86-based hardware to streamline processes and minimize overhead.

One of the main characteristics of converged storage is the use of scale-out architecture. It is a mix of standard storage components and modular computers used to create federated storage pools. Using a scale-out architecture results in an overall improvement in bandwidth, computer performance, and storage capacity. It also supports companies in enabling the timely provision of IT systems, improving system availability and making better use of resources.

Converged storage is able to support the multi-tenant architecture of Cloud computing where multiple machines or users can access the virtual and physical resources at the same time.

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