Continuous real-time analysis

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Real-time continuous analytics refers to a specific category of real-time analytics that provides a user with continuously updated or updated results, rather than reacting passively to user events. Real-time analytics is generally the presentation of new or new data available to users of a system as soon as it is entered. Continuous real-time analysis could be described as true real-time analysis in the sense that the data is presented continuously and continues to be updated in real-time with no user intervention.

The best way to explain the definition of real-time continuous analytics is to contrast it with a second category of real-time analytics called on-demand real-time analytics. On-demand real-time analytics is essentially a type of system in which, although the data is available when it is created, the user who wants to view it in real time must request an update on the results.

One way to think about on-demand real-time analytics is to give the user a real-time, bird's-eye view of a process when requested, but to get real-time continuous results to manually request data as soon as possible. In contrast, real-time continuous analytics is in many cases easier to achieve and use.

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