Context Delivery Architecture (CoDA)

What is Context Delivery Architecture (CoDA)?
Context Delivery Architecture (CoDA) is a common term (commonly attributed to Gartner) that refers to the need for applications and modular parts of systems to be context aware, or in other words to learn as much as possible about a user context.

In a certain sense, the context delivery architecture is a component of context-aware computing (CAC). In CAC, the goal is to provide more contextual details for a given user interaction. This can be viewed as a similar goal to any other data used in data storage - breaking silos, removing barriers to information, and disseminating information that is stored in the broadest, most dynamic way possible. Another way to take this into account is through the specific techniques used by companies such as: B. Cross-indexing, in which archived information is in turn brought to a specific user point.

One example is the use of customer identifiers in different parts of the software architecture. A customer name or other identifier could be built into a transactional database, but not into software systems that salespeople or other employees use in various other contexts. This is where CAC helps promote better 'universal' access to this information and other types of information. Applications become smarter about the background and history of the relationship between a customer and a company, for example by adding all kinds of other archived information, such as shopping stories, or even age and location or other demographic information.

IT pros claim that the term 'Context Delivery Architecture' is rather obscure and proprietary, and that in reality this type of CAC will actually happen through certain types of vendor services. One example is customer relationship management (CRM). CustomerRelationship management-Tools are based on CAC as they aggregate stored information about a customer's background and history, transactions, identifiers, demographics, and more to help sales reps using it at a specific point of contact. These general type of principles are expected to become one of the hottest new technology trends in years to come.

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