Content personalization

What is content personalization?
The personalization of content is a method that is used in digital marketing as well as in web and user experience design to adapt a digital product to specific user needs. As the diffusion of content and devices grow in popularity and diversify in terms of format and implementation, personalized user experiences become increasingly popular as the science of content personalization advances.

The personalization of content has already taken place in the first iterations on the World Wide Web. Cookies and Browser caching have made it possible to track and save user information to customize future web interactions. As web technology developed and interfaces to the internet took place in newer formats (such as tablets and smartphones), personalization of content became more important and more common.

A prominent form of content personalization is the recommendation engine, which is a software program that stores information (e.g., clicks, searches, and preferences) and is carried forward into the future in the form of suggestions for the user. was one of the first websites to embed the software as it was used to recommend books to repeat visitors (back when it was just a bookseller).

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