Contents of the employment contract

Employers and employees are fundamentally free to design the content of the employment contract. However, you have to observe the existing provisions of laws, collective agreements or works agreements if these are to be applied to the employment relationship. The content of the employment contract can e.g. B. Include:
Employer: The company, legal form and registered office of the company must be specified.

Employees: First name, surname, address are to be given.

Start of contract: It must be specified precisely, including the end of the contract, if applicable.

Job title: Sie sollte möglichst genau sein, z. B. Accountant.

Job description: It should be precise and z. B. also contain powers of attorney.

Compensation: It must be shown in terms of type, amount, increase, due date, and method of payment.

Social benefits: The social benefits should be mentioned in detail.

Working time: The working hours are to be stated as regular working hours.

Vacation: In particular, it must be stated if it goes beyond existing regulations.

Inability to work: Cases of inability to work through no fault of their own, e.g. B. Wedding, move.

Non-competition clause: Employees are not allowed to conduct their own business in their branch of trade without the consent of the employer.

Trial period: The length of the probationary period should be stated in the employment contract.

Notice period: The notice period is regulated by law and, if necessary, also stipulated in a collective agreement.

Sind Teile des Inhaltes bereits gesetzlich, tarifvertraglich oder durch company agreement geregelt, sind sie ggf. im Arbeitsvertrag entbehrlich, sofern das Unternehmen dem Arbeitnehmer nicht weitergehende Rechte einräumen will.

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