Content marketing

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is the use of digital or printed content to increase audience engagement. Experts can describe content marketing as the creation and sharing of media for marketing purposes. Some of the most common forms of content are online blog posts, white papers, e-books, or shorter posts that can be embedded in Facebook or Twitter posts or published on other social media platforms.

The philosophy of content marketing postulates that today's modern customer is fed up with traditional marketing that is separated from the 'content' of a core message. The theory is that consumers are increasingly ignoring traditional advertising messages that interrupt their use of their favorite media, be it television, radio, newspapers and print media or online sites. In content marketing, much of the marketing campaign moves from banner ads and radio spots to organic writing residing in the media that consumers use. A large amount of content marketing is done online, where companies are creating long-form journalism or other organic writing and placing it on websites, blogs, PDFs, or anywhere else that a customer can access.

One idea that has come with content marketing is thought leadership. The idea behind this is that instead of building a marketing website and tagging it with keywords to boost Google's page ranks, companies can post meaningful content that guides people in a specific area or industry. This is something people can usually use, but it also pulls them to a page and makes them stay there for marketing and conversion.

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