Contact manager

What is a contact manager?
Contact Manager is an application that enables users to easily find and save contact information such as names, phone numbers, and addresses. Advanced contact managers offer reporting functionality and enable different workgroup members to access the same 'contacts' database. These contact-centric databases provide a fully integrated way to keep track of all contact-related data and communication activities.

Contact managers help users to seamlessly coordinate and process all prospects, contacts and customer data from a single application. Contact managers also make it easy to set up and monitor Direct marketingCampaigns. Sophisticated contact managers help users monitor tasks with automatic reminders. Calendar functions are often included to keep track of time-related dates and information.

Contact managers offer several features and benefits, including:

- Centralized database of contact information
- Ready-to-use database with search functions
- Sales monitoring
- Email integration
- Organization of meetings and appointments
- Document management
- Management of records and discussions
- Customizable fields

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