Structure documentation: techniques and components

Die Aufbaudokumentation ist die schriftliche Ordnung von Daten der Organizational structure. Mit ihr wird die Organisationsstruktur eines Unternehmens dargestellt.
Techniques of the construction documentation are:

  • Organization manual
  • Organizational plan
  • Job Description
  • Staffing plan
  • Function diagram

The techniques of structural documentation also include:

  • Job descriptions that describe the tasks at workplaces in detail.
  • Communication tables showing the directions of communication in matrix form.
  • Communication diagrams that combine tabular and graphical techniques.
  • Communication networks made up of elements and their connections.

The documentation of the organizational structure must be clear and understandable. It is to be constantly updated, ie changes to individual data, changes in sub-areas and measures of the reorganization are to be recorded up-to-date, which should be done with computer support.

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