Connection broker

What is connection broker?
A connection broker is software that enables user access to a specific desktop or virtual machine during desktop virtualization. Virtualization, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service, allows a vendor's clients to access desktop environments or other resources over the web or similar protocol instead of using hardware and software resources on site. The connection broker is a critical part of connecting these users to the virtual desktop or platforms managed by the remote infrastructure.

A connection broker could be viewed as part of a security architecture as it enables the end user to connect. The connection broker could allow the user to connect to a virtual machine or other server. It could also help users connect to VM pools or perform various types of analysis on VM components

A connection broker could also deliver an end user to multiple environments or platforms. This can sometimes help customers bear the cost of maintaining a number of IT resources or contribute to more distributed models for the IT architecture to reduce liability for disasters or other emergencies.

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