conflict management

Conflict management describes certain strategies and measures that are used to prevent the spread or escalation of a conflict.

Definition / explanation

Conflict management includes various strategies that enable a systematic handling of conflicts. Basically, conflict management is about defusing seemingly insoluble points of contention. By dealing with personal and professional disagreements, the escalation of a conflict can be prevented and constructive solutions can be found.

What is operational conflict management?

This term is understood to mean the systematic and targeted handling of recurring types of conflict. The operational handling of conflicts is divided into various elements such as conflict counseling, mediation or operational conflict guides.

Own company facilities support content-related conflict management. These can be, for example, bullying officers or arbitration boards.

Five phases in the course of the conflict

1st phase: In the first phase of the conflict, the first symptoms of the conflict such as a bad mood or inexplicable behavior patterns are perceived

2nd phase: In the second phase, the “opposing” party to the conflict is assigned negative characteristics. In addition, the other party is blamed for the conflict.

3rd phase: Your own attitude towards the conflict situation crystallizes out.

4th phase: Certain behavior related to the conflict is shown. These are mostly based on those of the family or superiors.

5th phase: The result of the conflict is assessed. If the review is positive, the conflict is considered resolved, while if the assessment is negative, the foundation for a new conflict is laid.


  • Conflict management refers to certain strategies that can prevent the spread and escalation of a conflict
  • Operational conflict management includes the systematic handling of recurring conflicts
  • there are five different phases in the typical course of conflict
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